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Now In: $5 Red Seal CU Condition
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$5 Red Seal CU Condition

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The Series of 1953 and Series of 1963 $5 Legal Tender Notes were the last $5 bills to feature red Treasury seals and red serial numbers. (All of today’s currency has green seals and serial numbers.)

Legal Tender Notes – also called United States Notes – were once issued along with other types of U.S. currency, such as Silver Certificates and Federal Reserve Notes.

• The last $5 Legal Tender Notes were withdrawn by the government and destroyed in the 1960’s, leaving few for collectors and historians.  They have been unavailable in circulation for almost half a century.

• Like a modern $5 Federal Reserve Note, the $5 United States Note features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the front and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on the back. A statue of Lincoln can be seen in the center of the Lincoln Memorial.

• Unlike modern currency, though, Legal Tender Notes have distinctive red Treasury seals and red serial numbers on the front, which immediately sets them apart and makes them treasured collector’s items.

• The note is in original bank-fresh Crisp Uncirculated condition, meaning it was never placed into circulation.  This is the highest quality, and its condition is certified. 

• Even though Legal Tender Notes are long out of issue, they remain U.S. legal tender. 

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