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Now In: Celebrating Native American Contributions
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Celebrating Native American Contributions

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In 2009, the Sacagawea Dollar became the Native American Dollar. Each year’s Native American Dollar features a one-time-only reverse design celebrating a different aspect of Native American history and culture.

• This collection includes each of the first five years of Native American Dollars – one coin from each year 2009 to 2013.  Together, they celebrate the important contributions made by Native Americans to the history and development of the United States. These coins can never be made again.

• The Sacagawea Dollar was the first circulating U.S. coin to feature an identifiable Native American.  Sacagawea was the Native American guide who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804-1806 on their quest to find a route to the Pacific Ocean.  The Native American Dollars retain her portrait on the obverse.

• The 2009 coin honors the traditional Native American agricultural method known as “three sisters.”

• The 2010 coin shows the Hiawatha Belt, a symbol of peace.

• The 2011 coin depicts a peace pipe symbolizing alliances between Native Americans and European settlers.

• The 2012 coin features horses to representing historical Native American trade routes.

• The 2013 coin honors the first treaty between the U.S. government and a Native American tribe.

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