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Now In: 1992 Columbus Half Dollar PR66
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1992 Columbus Half Dollar PR66

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The United States Mint produced a special commemorative Half Dollar in 1992 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus arriving in the New World in 1492. 

• A limited edition of Proof coins was also made.  Proofs are the highest quality coins made by the U.S. Mint. Each coin is carefully struck at least twice under extremely high pressure on a specially polished coin blank.  The result is stunning three-dimensional designs and mirror-like backgrounds. 

• Proof coins are graded on a 70-point scale, and this coin is independently graded and certified as Proof-66 or higher.  This is one of the highest grades known, and the coin is almost flawless.

• The coin is encapsulated in a tamper-proof holder that both protects the coin and forever certifies its grade.

• Columbus left Spain on August 3, 1492 with a fleet of three ships – Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria – and a crew of 90 men. He arrived in the New World on October 12, 1492.

• The obverse of the coin shows Columbus landing in the New World. It bears the dual dates 1492 and 1992.

• The reverse depicts the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria on the Atlantic Ocean.

SKU: 446V
Weight: 1.00
Price: $49.99


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