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Now In: 10th Anniversary of the Euro “12”
10th Anniversary of the Euro “12”

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• In 2002, the Euro became the only legal currency in the original 12 nations of the European Monetary Union: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

• Today, the Euro is one of the world’s greatest currencies, standing alongside the U.S. Dollar as a symbol of international commerce and power. 

• This 10th anniversary collection includes one Euro 5-cent coin from each of the original 12 nations.

• Each of the 12 Euro nations issues its own coins, but all coins from all nations are legal tender in all European Monetary Union nations.

• One of side of the 5-cent coin shares a common design, while the other side depicts a unique national design that symbolizes the respective nation’s culture and heritage.  For example, the Austrian coin shows an Austrian primrose, Finland’s shows a heraldic lion, Ireland’s shows a harp, and Italy’s shows the Colosseum.

• The coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and are displayed in an attractive coin wallet.

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