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Now In: Large Cent 1793 - 1857 Graded
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Large Cent 1793 - 1857 Graded

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The Large Penny was America’s first one-cent coin.  It was struck only from 1793-1857, so it has been out of issue for more than 150 years.  By the time of the Civil War from 1861-1865, the Large Penny was already obsolete!

• The coin is much larger than today’s Pennies.  It is only slightly smaller than a Half Dollar.

• At the time it was issued, a Penny had considerable buying power and was widely used.

• The coin was struck in pure copper, and it is so large because it actually contained one penny’s worth of copper.  However, it was so large that people complained about its size and the fact that pockets full of these coins were too heavy and inconvenient.

• The Large Penny was replaced with the small Flying Eagle Penny and Indian Head Penny. 

• Very few of these coins have survived.  Most were melted long ago for the valuable copper. 

• The obverse of the coin depicts Liberty, while the reverse includes the denomination written as “One Cent.”

• This coin is certified as genuine by an independent third-party coin grading company.  It is sealed in a custom plastic case, which protects it from damage and makes it easy and secure to store.  The label that is sealed within the holder guarantees the coin’s authenticity.

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