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Now In: 1928 $1 “Funnyback” Silver Certificate
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1928 $1 “Funnyback” Silver Certificate

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• In 1928, the U.S. Government introduced small-size bank notes to save money on expensive, custom-made bank-note paper.

• The first small-size Silver Certificate was the Series of 1928 $1 bill.

• This note became known as a “Funnyback” because of the unfamiliar design on the back.

• Silver Certificates were backed by Silver Dollars or silver bullion held in the United States Treasury. Until 1968, holders of the notes could actually exchange them for the silver.

• This was the last Silver Certificate that was redeemable for a Silver Dollar.

• It is a legal tender $1 bill that once circulated alongside other types of paper currency.

• Unlike today’s notes printed in green, the Treasury seal and serial numbers are blue. 

• The phrase “In God We Trust” does not appear on this note;  it was first added to $1 bills in 1935.

• The front features the familiar portrait of George Washington that is still used on today’s $1 bills.

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