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Now In: Gold Plated Silver Eagle Pocket Watch With Stand
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Gold Plated Silver Eagle Pocket Watch With Stand

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The U.S. Silver Eagle is the world’s most popular silver bullion coin – and now, for the first time is beautifully gold plated and featured as a swiveling top in a custom pocket watch. It is a genuine collector’s item.

The Silver Eagle is a legal tender Dollar coin struck by the U.S. Mint in one full ounce of pure silver. The obverse features Adolph A. Weinman’s famous “Walking Liberty” design that first appeared on U.S. Silver Half Dollars from 1916-1947. This is one of the most beautiful coin designs of all time, showing Lady Liberty striding forwards in a flowing gown and wrapped by the American flag. The rising sun ushers in a new day of freedom and liberty.

On this edition, Liberty and the American flag are gold plated. The gold plating is the highest quality in the world and adds a new patriotic dimension to the coin. The colors are life-like, and they are actually impregnated into the coin – so they are a permanent part of the coin. In other words, the gold plated will never fade, chip, or peel. The colorizing is privately applied.

This gold layered coin is set into the top of a stunning pocket watch … but it is no ordinary pocket watch! In fact, the coin swivels so that when the watch is closed it perfectly protects the large watch face – but when the watch is opened, the coin can be swiveled so that the gold plated images complement the watch.

What’s more, a custom watch stand is also included so that the watch can be placed on a desk, credenza, or mantle. When placed on the stand, the swiveling gold plated coin can be positioned so that it is displayed along with the watch face.

The high-quality watch features genuine quartz movement and includes a one-year warranty. It is an eye-catching collector’s item that is also functional.

SKU: 8008-07
Weight: 2.00
Price: $119.99


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