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Now In: Half Pound of Copper Pennies
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Half Pound of Copper Pennies

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• ½ Pound of Lincoln “Wheat Ears” or “Memorial”  Pennies struck in .950 copper and .050 tin and zinc.

• The coins come in a canvas bag with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Lincoln “Wheat Ears” Pennies, struck from 1909 to 1958.

Lincoln “Memorial” Pennies, struck in copper from 1959 to 1982.

 After 1982, Lincoln Pennies were struck in .992 zinc with a plating of copper.

The Lincoln Penny was first minted in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

It was the first circulating coin to feature a real person instead of Lady Liberty.

The obverse features a portrait of Lincoln by sculptor Victor D. Brenner.

The reverse of the coin until 1958 was the legendary “wheat ears” design.

• The “wheat ears” design was replaced with the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse in 1959.

• This bag is a great way to start or add to a collection of Lincoln Pennies.

• No specific dates or mint marks are guaranteed, but the bag may contain sought-after dates and/or mint marks.

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