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Now In: 2006 24K Gold Plated Hologram P&D State Quarters
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2006 24K Gold Plated Hologram P&D State Quarters

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P & D Quarter Set 
The new State Quarters are America's most popular coins - but few people will ever have the chance to own the fabulous set of coins that are gold plated and enhanced with genuine holograms.

The State Quarters program started in 1999. Each year, five different states are being honored on their unique State Quarters. The order of issue is the order in which the states joined the Union. Each coin is struck for only about 10 weeks and can never be made again.

This collection includes the complete set of (10 coins)  from both the P & D Mints, this year:
Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Sorth Dakota, South Dakota

A very small number of original State Quarters have been set aside for this special edition. Each coin is plated in seven mils of pure 24 karat gold to give it a rich golden appearance - and then genuine holograms are applied the designs. The holograms add a mesmerizing sense of beauty to the golden coins, because the light reflects off the holograms in every direction to create a truly eye-catching item.

The gold plating and hologramming are the highest quality in the world. Amazingly, the original designs can still be seen through both the gold and holograms. It is a remarkable collection that is made possible only with a stunning breakthrough in technology.
Each  State Quarter is individually encapsulated to protect its finish. 

SKU: 5063GH6PD
Weight: 1.00
Price: $33.95


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