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Many collectors today would be shocked to learn that America’s coins were not always as familiar as they appear. Most people have never seen any coins in circulation other than the standard coins that have been around for generations. This collection is a fascinating look at some of the coins that were once familiar in American pockets and purses in the 20th century … but which vanished many years ago.

There are six coins in this collection – two Pennies, two Nickels, and two Silver Dimes. These coins are never found in circulation today, so they make a wonderful collection that brings history to life. The six coins are:

• Lincoln Wheat Ears Penny (1909-1958). The original Lincoln Penny features the legendary “Wheat Ears” reverse design. The design was changed in 1959, so the last “Wheat Ears” coins were minted over half a century ago.

Lincoln Steel Penny (1943). America’s first and only steel coin was made for only one year in an effort to save copper for World War II shell casings and other war materiel. It was minted over 60 years ago.

Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938). One of America’s most famous and beautiful coins, it features an Indian chief and a magnificent buffalo. The coin is a celebration of the American West and the most uniquely “American” coin ever struck. The last coin was minted over 65 years ago.

Jefferson Silver Nickel (1942-1945). Nickel was a vital metal for American guns, tanks, and airplanes in World War II, so the 5¢ coin was struck in .350 silver to save nickel during the war. It is the first and only silver Nickel in history, and the last coin was minted nearly 60 years ago.

• Mercury Silver Dime (1916-1945). A legendary silver coin that actually shows Liberty in a winged cap – not Mercury, the messenger of the gods, as many people believed. The coin was struck in .900 silver, and most coins were melted long ago for the precious silver bullion.

Roosevelt Silver Dime (1946-1964). The original Roosevelt Dime was struck in .900 silver until 1964. The coin honors President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died in 1945. The last silver coin was minted 40 years ago, and few remain today. Most were melted for the silver.

Together, these six coins make a fascinating and historic collection. It is also a superb way to introduce collectors to classic American coins that no longer exist.

All coins are carefully hand-selected for exceptional collector quality and are displayed in a custom presentation with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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