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Now In: A Widow's Mite with Earth
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A Widow's Mite with Earth

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Rarely will you find something as special or as significant as this genuine 2,000-year-old "Widow's Mite" coin. Dating from the time of Jesus, it comes displayed in a presentation folder with the history of the coin and earth from the Holy Land.

"The "Widow's Mite" is a genuine 2,000-year-old coin that was used in the Holy Land at the time of Jesus and is mentioned in the Bible in a famous story. As a result, it is one of the world's most famous coins - although few collectors have ever seen a genuine coin like the one available now. The story of the Widow's Mite is told in Mark 12:41-44. Jesus observed people giving money to the treasury and noted that a poor widow who gave two small bronze coins known as "mites" was more generous than rich men who gave more valuable coins: "she...did cast in all that she had, even all her living," whereas rich men gave just a fraction of their wealth.

Struck-by-hand by skilled craftsmen, it was recently discovered in a secret hoard in the Holy Land. Hoards were often buried or hidden, because there were few safe places to keep money, especially during the Roman occupation of Judea in the early 1st century A.D. If the coins' owner was killed or died unexpectedly, the hoard was often lost. Only recently, with archaeological explorations and high-tech research, have some of these hoards been found. The coin was struck in bronze by Alexander Janna us and other Macarena Kings. One side shows the king's name and an anchor, while the other side depicts an 8-rayed star. Although many of the details have been lost through the centuries, this is a genuine and historic artifact from the biblical era.

The Widow's Mite was a popular coin in Biblical times, but most were destroyed 2,000 years ago to make new coins or to be melted for the metal. The few remaining coins have been untouched for 2,000 years. They once circulated in the Holy Land and are museum quality and are 100% legal to own. The coin is displayed in custom packaging with the story of the coin. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Included with your coin is a sample of genuine earth from the Holy Land. The earth is guaranteed 100% authentic and is a treasured relic of the Hold Land. Together with the coin, it makes a superb display that will be cherished now and for generations to come.

Weight: 1.00
Price: $39.95


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