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Now In: 2005 24K Gold Plated Nickels
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2005 24K Gold Plated Nickels

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This collection includes the two different versions of the 2005 Nickels, and each coin is richly layered in pure 24K gold.  The first 2005 commemorative Nickel features a buffalo to symbolize the incredible wildlife seen by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The “buffalo” design brings back memories of the classic 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel – one of the favorite coins among collectors of all ages.

In addition to the unique one-time-only buffalo design, this coin also features a new obverse portrait of Thomas Jefferson. This is the first new portrait of Jefferson since the Jefferson Nickel series started in 1938. The word “Liberty” is in Jefferson’s handwriting.

The final coin in the series features a view of the Pacific Ocean near the Columbia River in Oregon, together with the words “Ocean in view! O! The joy!” from William Clark’s journal of November 7, 1805 – the day the expedition viewed the ocean for the first time. The obverse also features the new image of Jefferson.

The set of two 2005 gold-layered Nickels also comes in a custom display with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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