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Now In: The Roman Empire 14 Silver Coin Collection
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The Roman Empire 14 Silver Coin Collection

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This is a rare opportunity to own a collection of ancient Roman coins from 14 different Emperors who ruled in the 1st through 3rd centuries A.D. It covers over 200 years of fascinating history, from the height of the Roman Empire through some of the most famous Emperors in history. Each coin is a genuine artifact that is up to 2,000 years old, and together they make a collection of unprecedented importance. This is a collection that belongs in a museum. It is a fascinating look at the ever-changing history of the ancient Roman Empire. The front of each coin depicts the portrait of the Emperor who authorized its minting, as well as his name in Latin. The back shows symbols of authority or other items that reinforced the Emperor's power, as well as gods, goddesses, and people from Roman mythology. At the time these coins were minted, the Roman Empire covered a massive area throughout Europe - from Britain to Italy and from France to Germany and beyond. The soldiers were usually paid with these coins, which were often struck at various mints throughout the empire. All coins were struck by hand by skilled artisans. Coin-making machinery did not exist. Each of these coins is therefore a unique artifact and is slightly different from all others. They are not perfectly round, and the designs are rarely perfectly centered; this is normal for coins of the ancient Roman Empire. What's more, the size and weight of the coins changed over the years. All 14 coins in this collection were struck in silver. Most of the earlier coins until 211 A.D. are in the denarius denomination, which was the principal unit of currency in the ancient Roman Empire. Starting with the reign of Caracalla in 211, the main silver coin became the antoninianus, which was worth two denarii. The antoninianus coins usually feature the Emperor wearing a radiate crown, as opposed to the laurel crown on the previous coins. The amount of silver in the coins steadily declined until by the reign of Gallienus in 253-268, the coins were actually bronze with a thin silver wash. The 14 Emperors in this collection may vary slightly, but a typical collection includes the following Emperors:

• Hadrian, 117-138 - the legendary Emperor who built a wall across northern England to keep the marauding Scots at bay.

• Septimus Severus, 193-211 - a ruthless leader who challenged and killed other men who wanted to become Emperor.

• Caracalla, 196-217 - before becoming Emperor, he accompanied his father, Septimus Severus, to Britain to help put down a rebellion in northern Britain.

• Gallienus, 253-268 - reorganized the Roman army but was unpopular among the elite in Rome because he reduced the power of the Roman Senate.

Very few of these coins exist today. It was normal practice for a new Emperor to destroy all the coins of his predecessors and make new coins with his own portrait. This was done, in part, to remind both the soldiers and the citizens throughout the ancient Roman Empire who the current Emperor was. Most of the existing coins have been discovered in archaeological excavations or discovered by accident in ancient hiding places. Although this is a collection that you would expect to find in a museum, all of these coins are legal to own. Of course, each coin is guaranteed to be 100% authentic as described. It would be virtually impossible to assemble a collection like this on your own, but we have done all the work for you. Each coin is individually protected in a special archival capsule that protects it from dirt and fingerprints, and the complete 14-coin collection comes in a deluxe wooden presentation case with a plaque inscribed with a list of the 14 Emperors.

SKU: 5302
Dimensions: 12 3/4" x 6" x 2"
Weight: 10.00
Price: $1,695.00


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